Saturday, 25 April 2009

Winging their way home......

The last of the loot from the Stick'n'Giggle retreat made its way home this week, another 60 gorgeous cards - THANKS girls you all ROCK!


20 of these beautifully bundled cards by Kellie - thanks so much Kellie!


Jennifer sent these in, the poor lighting in my kitchen doesn't really do these justice this morning they are lovely! Thanks Jennifer!

The Last Thank You's

It has been quite some time since I posted; but here are the lastest cards received;

10 of these lovely cards from Louise, it has been so long since I posted that since then Louise has had a baby - congratulations Louise and your cards are lovely!

Wednesday, 8 April 2009


~*~ THANK YOU ~*~
They are just two little words but they carry so much feeling and emotion behind them.
Try getting through a day without saying "thank you" to the people who help you out.
The next day spend the day saying "thank you" to everyone, even when it it is not expected and give them a smile too.
The effect of those two little words, on the people who come and go through your life, will be dramatic.
I know which day I would prefer to live.
And it is that idea of having the opportunity to say "thank you" to those that have helped out their fellow man without a second thought, that is the driving force behind

When the idea of HEART CARDS came to me in the days after the horrific events of Black Saturday, I never imagined that we would get the response our request for cards, that we have.

Like most of you, I wept at the scenes of devastation as I sat numbly in front of the TV screen and saw the human cost of this tragedy unfold in front of me. I could scarcely believe that we had lost so many fellow Australians and I yearned to reach out and help in some way. I wanted to help in a more practical way than just sending along a monetary donation (not that there is anything wrong with that) but in my heart I knew that there had to be some other way that I could help.
And another thing I always knew was that I am a small part of an amazing network of friends and acquaintances.

So, after many sleepless nights and many discussions with my gorgeous friends, Rondelle, Jodi and Jody (thanks girls for your support) HEART CARDS was born.
And at the risk of repeating myself, I never truly imagined the overwhelming response that we would get from scrappers, card makers and paper crafters from all over Australia.

You have created the most amazing array of thank you cards and an amazing total number of cards. When I last spoke to Jodi – who kindly offered to be the collector, sorter and collator of HEART CARDS – she estimated that she had over 800 cards at her home, ready to be packaged into bundles and given to families.

With such an amazing response, we have now decided to close the appeal for HEART CARDS for the Victorian Bushfire Families.
If you have cards already completed, please send them off to Jodi as soon as you can, so we can get them sorted and bundled and delivered.
They can be sent to...
Ms Jodi Mann
7 Bellevue Court
Boronia VIC 3155

And now a few thank yous…….

JODI - Despite being the busy Mum to three little ones (and one “big boy” – Hi Scott….!!!!) , Jodi has gone above and beyond to support me every step of the way: developing this blog which allows us to showcase your creations and give thanks for your generosity; as well as offering to have the cards sent to her, then sorting and bundling them – no small feat I can assure you.
THANK YOU SO MUCH JODI….the concept of HEART CARDS has been made so much easier because of your input and hard work. And Jodi has offered to drive up to one of the distribution centres in the fire zone to hand deliver the cards – you are an amazing woman Miss Jodi.

RONDELLE – Rondelle is the site owner of The Scrap Lounge and kindly offered to be the host and launching pad for HEART CARDS. Many of the forum members contributed cards and helped spread the word among the crafting community. Rondelle is one savvy lady when it comes to ideas and she is always a good sounding board for me and my crazy ideas. Thanks Rondelle.

JODY – Another wonderful friend who I hang out online with. I can’t thank you enough Jody for being the voice of reason when I threw the idea of HEART CARDS open and for helping me develop the concept. Thanks Jody.

MY FAMILY – To my darling husband who has supported me through this initial HEART CARDS appeal and let me bounce ideas off him in the middle of the night – even if he still doesn’t “get” the whole scrapping phenomenon. Thanks darls.
And to my three kids who got very used to me squealing with delight every time I received an email telling me that another scrapper had taken up the challenge and then chuckled as I did a happy dance in front of the computer monitor.

JENNY DOWELL – The Mayor of Lismore (where I live). Jenny has gone out of her way to help me find a contact for the distribution of the cards. She made phone calls and sent emails on my behalf and even though we hit the proverbial brick wall at every turn, she never gave up trying. She also gave me a lot of support for the idea of HEART CARDS. Thank you Jenny.

SCRAP SHOP OWNERS: BOTH ONLINE & BRICKS AND MORTAR – Thank you all for your support and for allowing the idea of HEART CARDS to be put to your customers and members via emails, message boards and fliers.

And last, but by no means least……..
THE SCRAPPERS, CARD MAKERS AND PAPER CRAFTERS OF AUSTRALIA – “Thank you” doesn’t seem to be enough words to let you know just how grateful I am to each and every one of you who has contributed to the HEART CARDS appeal. Many of you I know personally; many of you I will never have the pleasure of meeting but from the bottom of my heart, I truly do THANK YOU.
Your generosity and spirit of giving and helping out has been amazing/overwhelming/mind-blowing and every other superlative that you can think of to add here. I am very sure that the families who receive a bundle of the beautiful cards that you have crafted, will be forever grateful to the talented strangers who took the time to create something that they can give to those people who have helped them out during this difficult time.
I am also sure they will appreciate the spirit in which the cards were crafted – the spirit of friendship, gratitude and lending a hand to a mate who has fallen on hard times.
Thank you again – you are all amazing, talented and generous souls.
Bless you all.

So get those cards sent to Jodi as soon as possible and keep visiting the HEART CARDS blog for the final tally and more peeks at some of the amazing cards that Jodi has received. We are hoping that in the next few weeks the cards will be delivered and we will be able to give you all an update on how they were received by the families.

In the next few weeks a new HEART CARDS appeal will be launched so keep an eye out here on the blog, on your online message boards and in your local paper crafting stores for details.

MWAH !!!!!!!!!!

Shazz Pratten
"HEART CARDS" Co-ordinator

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Stick 'n' Giggle Loot

Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending a Stick 'n' Giggle retreat at Marburg in Queensland, I came home with my suitcase bulging at the sides with gorgeous cards!

210 to be exact and there was more I just couldn't fit them in my suitcase, the remainder are hopefully winging their way home to me!

When I get the exact list of who gave me cards I will post up all the names, in the meantime a BIG thank you to all the Stick 'n' Giggle girls, it was fabulous to meet you all and these cards are just wonderful!

Beautiful Butterflys from Barb

Another ten gorgeous cards from Barb Dare, thanks Barb they are lovely!


Generous, fabulous Ros Crompton delivered 100 gorgeous cards to my house.

Yep 10 packs of 10, all ready to go.

Ros you are amazing and generous and I was gobsmacked!

Thank you so much!


Christine has sent in ten of the most breaktakingly beautiful cards.....the stamping detail is amazing, so are the papers and the watercolour effects!

Christine you are a very talented lady!

More scrappin friends

Got a spare afternoon?
What to do some scrapping with some friends?
Pull out the Tim Tams, boil the kettle and get out your stamps..... that's what Jenny, Tracey, Barb and Glenice did and just LOOK at the results:

Oh my, tempted to keep these lovelies for myself too :)


Gorgeous Linda van Rooyen, another super fabulous Scraplounge girl has sent in a pack of ten too!

Lovely Ruth....

Thank you Ruth Stewart your pack of ten cards are simply lovely!

Scrapping with friends

C Jaroline from Underwood in QLD got together with a few of her Stampin Up! girlfriends and put together a pack of 45 heart cards - thanks girls, they are gorgeous!
A big shout out to - Anne, Helen and Sandra and anyone else who helped, sorry I can't be more specific but I was sneaking glances at the names on the back of the cards.
There are some seriously gorgeous cards in this lot!
Matching envelope!

OMG I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE those stamps - anyone know where I can score one????


Naomi (Scraplounge CT member) has sent another FORTY, yes 40 gorgeous cards and by the looks of it Naomi has been recycling old greeting cards!

Two of my favourite things - recycling and scrapping - LOVE it Naomi thanks!

Julie (again)

Gorgeous, gorgeous Julie from Tasmania - another twenty!!!!

Love your work Julie!

From Judith

Some gorgeous cards from Judith in Queensland and yes it's been awhile since I have blogged.......forgive me I've been swimming in heart cards and get ready for an enormous update!
Judith sent twenty gorgeous cards all tied up with ribbon - just lovely!

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Just gorgeous..............

not only are these cards simply gorgeous, they come from one gorgeous and very talented lady. Please allow me to introduce you to Linda Langes; I will let her cards do the talking.............

more, more, more and MORE............

Oh my goodness, my mailbox is overflowing with such lovely, lovely creations - here are some of the new arrivals this week:

Julie is at it again - another 10 wonderful cards.............
Val Reilly shows that you don't have to be a "traditional" scrapbooker or cardmaker to help out - she sent twenty cards, ten of which are prints of her original water colour paintings - oh my, they are just beautiful!

and finally Natasha who sent THIRTY, yes 30 cards - thanks Natasha you're a star!

From Western Australia

Lovely Chloe Schmitt knows how to wrap a parcel - these are gorgeous Chloe........

20 more.........

From E.Kable - Warwick QLD - thank you so much........

Hand Delivered

These lovelies where hand delivered to my door - thank you Barb, they are just lovely!

Please excuse my shocking photography, I have taken these at night not the best for nice photos. Barb's work features lots of beautiful butterfly's, they are so elegant!

Sunday, 1 March 2009

More LOVE in the mail!

It has been a great week and I think my postman is going to get heartily sick of ringing my doorbell. Many thanks to these gorgeous girls who have added another FIFTY heart cards to the tally this week! Marie, V. Scrimshaw, Gloria & Melissa Watson and Diana - a bunch of wonderful ladies and some gorgeous work to boot too!

Bright and beautiful from Diana!

Handpainted from Melissa and Gloria -with matching envelopes too!

Gorgeous 3D work from V.Scrimshaw! Heavenly!

and last but NOT least - one of Marie's gorgeous cards!

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

From across the waters...........

Tasmanian Tuesday and these lovely, lovely cards from Julie Richardson another Scraplounge member with a HUGE heart!

If any you lovely ladies who have sent me cards have blogs, please, please, please let me know and I will start up a "legends list" for those of you who have sent cards!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart, it really is a WONDERFUL start!

Monday, Monday - Part #2

and now for Zeta's work....

is that not the most PERFECT embossing you have ever seen?

Zeta sent me TWENTY - yes twenty of these lovlies!

Monday, Monday

Monday brought me a whole lot of LOVE in the mail; two lovely parcels one from Zeta from Scrap Pile and the other from Julie Schmitt. Thanks girls, you're hearts are BIGGER than Texas!
Gorgeous, gorgeous work from Julie!

More of Julie's work!

This card is perfect - I LOVE it sooo much kinda wish I could keep it!

Julie's gorgeous contributions!

A THOUSAND "thank-you's"

I have added a ticker, a "count-up", if you will and I thought a THOUSAND was a nice figure to aim for - let's see where it takes us!

The FIRST arrivals!

The totally gorgeous Kym Cowan, Creative Team Member extraordinaire from Scraplounge has the honour of being the first "Heart Cards" contributor. Thanks Kym, these are simple and gorgeous and there are TWENTY of them - you rock!

Monday, 16 February 2009

Phase #1 - Thank you

Phase #1 is now under way.
We are asking all papercrafters, scrapbookers, card makers and crafty peeps to create some handmade "Thank You" cards!
The idea being that these could be distributed in the relief centres so that those displaced by the fires could write out some thank you notes to those who have helped them should they feel so inclined.
There are literally hundreds and hundreds of people who are assisting those displaced by the bushfire's; CFA volunteers, Red Cross volunteers, clothes sorters, food makers, ordinary, everyday people making an extraordinary difference.
Everybody likes to be thanked and a hand made, hand written card is lovely personal touch.
Are you able to help with a handmade card or two?