Sunday, 13 March 2011


Hello there all my Heart Cards followers.
This is a small request for a very brave young lady.

Before I announce the next Heart Cards appeal, maybe you could find some stickers in your stash for Emma and mail them off to her.
Knowing how generous you all are, I am sure you don't mind this small request for this very brave little girl.

Just follow the directions in Mel's blog post and let's help bring a smile to this gorgeous girl's face.

Thank you all

Monday, 7 March 2011


The campaign for cards for the families affected by the floods in QLD and Victoria is now officially over.
And as you can see by the total in the side bar, we have had an amazing number of cards reach my doorstep.
Thank you all for your kindness and you support.
Cards have been distributed through Handmade Heaven and the Handmade Expo in Queensland.
Thank you to both these businesses for their support.
Jody Urquhart, from "Stick and Giggle" also distributed packs to staff members of the Bremer Institute of TAFE that were affected by the floods.
Thank you Jody for handing out the card packs.

Here are some of the comments from staff members at the TAFE who received packs....
“I work in the construction team and love the idea of the heart cards. Could I please have a pack as there are many in the community of Fernvale where I live that I would like to thank.” (Lucinda)

“Thank you for your kind words, what a wonderful enterprise “Heart Cards” is. I had been wondering how I was going to manage to say ‘thank you’ in a meaningful way to everyone who has helped and supported me. I would love a pack of cards. Thank you.” (Elaine)

“Thank you for your offer – it is a lovely thought. My husband John and I have already sent cards and a small gift thanking those who so kindly assisted us, so we will not need any (although I would love to see what they look like – they sound very nice).” (Carol)

“Thank you so much for the offer of a “Heart Cards” pack. I have so many people to thank, some of whom I don’t even know or don’t know how to contact to thank, so I would love to be able to do something for those people around me who helped in lots of special ways.” (Sheryl)

“Thank you very much for dropping the cards in to the library for me, I’m sorry I wasn’t there at the time. I’ve had a quick look and the cards are all absolutely amazing. I’ve already started picking out which ones I will give to which people.
Thank you so much and please pass on my thanks to all the other wonderful people involved.”

So yes....the cards are being distributed and yes....people do truly appreciate that they have been given the chance to say thank you with a beautiful handmade card.

More cards are being sent to Denise Szabo in Victoria and will be distributed by the CWA through their care packages being sent to families in the flood affected areas.
Of course there aren't enough cards for every family but the packs that we do have, will be distributed where they are needed.

So most profound thanks for each and every amazing card that has arrived on my doorstep.
Each and every card has found a home and I am sure that the recipients of the packs are just as grateful as I am for your love and support in helping them out.

There will be a new appeal launched in the next few days so please keep an eye out for that here on the blog and though our Facebook Page.

Bless you all

P.S. If I have forgotten anyone in the honour roll in the sidebar, please let me know.