Monday, 16 February 2009

Phase #1 - Thank you

Phase #1 is now under way.
We are asking all papercrafters, scrapbookers, card makers and crafty peeps to create some handmade "Thank You" cards!
The idea being that these could be distributed in the relief centres so that those displaced by the fires could write out some thank you notes to those who have helped them should they feel so inclined.
There are literally hundreds and hundreds of people who are assisting those displaced by the bushfire's; CFA volunteers, Red Cross volunteers, clothes sorters, food makers, ordinary, everyday people making an extraordinary difference.
Everybody likes to be thanked and a hand made, hand written card is lovely personal touch.
Are you able to help with a handmade card or two?


  1. you are amazing jodi and i cannot thank you enough for creating this blog - as the song says "we are one, but we are many" and we can make a difference.
    from the bottom of my very grateful heart, thank YOU my friend xxoo