Sunday, 1 March 2009

More LOVE in the mail!

It has been a great week and I think my postman is going to get heartily sick of ringing my doorbell. Many thanks to these gorgeous girls who have added another FIFTY heart cards to the tally this week! Marie, V. Scrimshaw, Gloria & Melissa Watson and Diana - a bunch of wonderful ladies and some gorgeous work to boot too!

Bright and beautiful from Diana!

Handpainted from Melissa and Gloria -with matching envelopes too!

Gorgeous 3D work from V.Scrimshaw! Heavenly!

and last but NOT least - one of Marie's gorgeous cards!

1 comment:

  1. Marie, V. Scrimshaw, Gloria & Melissa Watson and Diana - thank you to all these generous souls...these cards are just beautiful - and look at that tally rise...!!!
    i have received (and sent) quite a few emails this past week wanting details about "HEART CARDS" so i am guessing your relationship with your postie is gonna get even MORE closer jodi...LOL
    again my most heartfelt thanks to you jodi for being the collector and sorter - you are a legend xo