Thursday, 28 January 2010


I cannot thank you enough Jodes for all the support, friendship and hard work that you put into this project too.
I would have given ANYTHING to be there when you handed them over to Vicki this morning.

And I want to personally thank everyone who supported me and this VERY worthwhile cause (especially Rondelle over at The Scrap Lounge who allowed me to use her site as a springboard for this appeal)
Little did I know when I came up with this idea that we would have such an overwhelming response from crafters all around Australia.
It was a true reflection of Aussie mateship, charity and "lending a hand to those in need" that saw such an amazing response by women Australia-wide to our appeal.

To the families of Marysville and surrounds - we hope that these cards will allow you to give a small token of thanks to those people who have helped you out during the past 12 months.
And our every good wish to you all for your continued healing and getting your lives back on track.
Bless you all

P.S. Keep an eye out here on the HEART CARDS blog for our next appeal for cards.
Coming soon :)

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  1. Looking forward to getting involved in the next appeal Shazz...Cheers to you my dear! xL