Monday, 31 January 2011


In the past five days a number of quite heavy parcels have arrived on my doorstep containing packets of "Heart Cards"
Due to other commitments, they remained unopened until today.

I am speechless ladies.......a total of 217 cards have now been added to the tally..!!!!
Thank you so much to everyone who has donated cards and postage stamps.
(Maybe you can suggest to your non-crafty friends they could donate packs of postage stamps if they would like to help out in some way)

But keep them coming girls......every card and stamp will find a home in either Queensland or Victoria.

Thank you again - I have been overwhelmed by the support that I have received from everyone about this appeal.
When you have an idea like this, you often think....
"Will people think it's a good idea too?";
"Will they participate?";
or "am I totally on the wrong track...???"
Well...again I have been proven right in my belief that people only have to be given an idea of how to help out and they will.



  1. Too true!! "People only have to be given an idea of how to help out and they will." Thanks for leading the way Shazz :o)

  2. YAY shazz that is amazing!!! I was talking to a Lifeline representative today and she thinks it is a fantastic idea....Ipswich was pretty hard hit so - if you want me to do some distributing out this way - I am here!