Monday, 3 April 2017

In 2009, after the tragedy of the Black Saturday bushfires, I started up a card drive called "Heart Cards" where I asked card makers and paper crafters to make thank you cards for victims of the fires to hand to those they wanted to thank for helping them during such a heart breaking time.
I was overwhelmed with the response and we received well over 1000 cards that were distributed to families and businesses in the bushfire zone.

 And in 2011, Heart Cards swung into action a...gain when we asked for Thank You Cards for those affected by the floods in SE QLD. And your response again was amazing.
And now I find my own community in the grip of a natural disaster after the levee protecting our town (including our CBD and many homes) was breached late on Thursday night (April 30)
Although not affected ourselves, neither our home or our business are in the flood area, so many of our dear friends have had their businesses totally inundated and have lost much, if not all of their stock and had shop fittings, etc totally engulfed by the swirling muddy waters.

The damage is unbelievable and devastating.

But our wonderful community has swung into action and thousands of people have descended on our town to help with the clean up and to help their fellow man get back on their feet.
I am still recovering from knee surgery so much of the physical stuff is beyond me but I can ask my friends in the crafting community to again dig deep and make just 10 thank you cards and send them to me so I can distribute them to the people in my community.
They must be a standard size - 10 x 15 cms - and if possible incude an envelope (although not necessary)
They can be all the same or of different designs - the cards will be re-packaged once they reach me so each pack will have different designs.
Once you have made them, send them to me at....
If you have any questions you can email me -
Please pass the word along to other paper crafters that you may know.
I would love to be able to distribute some card packs to the devastated people in my community as a way they can thank those who have helped them.
Thank you